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5 Benefits of GrowFit Camps for Children

When talking about the benefits of GrowFit, Andy Markle, Director of Marketing highlights that, “GrowFit camps allow parents to introduce their children to a range of activities they may not do at home. It’s also a safe way for parents to allow their children to engage socially with other people and try new things. Parents can broaden their social network, meeting other parents with children in the same age group.”

Here, Andy picked the top five benefits.

1. Allowing children to develop social skills at their own pace

Your child may be a social butterfly or the type that prefers to play on their own – and that is perfectly fine. Each child has their own approach towards developing their social skills. Andy explains that, “GrowFit is really about following the lead of the child.” It allows children to develop their social skills at their own pace, and this usually occurs between the ages of one to three.

From ages three to five children begin to truly interact with others their age, and experience what happens when they do. This is also the time when social boundaries are learned – a very important lesson for adulthood.

2. Building a child’s emotional confidence

The real work begins at home, as the best thing for developing children is to have great relationships with their family members. This gives the child a sense of attachment and stability, whether we are talking about developing relationships with parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles or other carers.

A major benefit of GrowFit is that children come assisted by their parents or other carers. From an emotional point of view, this strengthens the relationship between the child and their carer, because it creates a shared experience.

At the same time, the child meets new people at GrowFit camps, which allows for a safe test of separation from their carer. This is an important trait for building confidence in children, encouraging them to be independent from an early age.

3. Encouraging physical activity

Running, jumping, playing soccer, basketball, and so much more! Your child can get very active when at GrowFit. Don’t worry if they’re not the physical activity kind. The range of activities on offer at each GrowFit camp varies and children are always grouped with their peers.

4. Supporting children’s imagination and creativity

The key strategy for developing creative thinking in children is allowing them to play in an unstructured way. At GrowFit, we believe in stoking that creative spirit to get more from play.

“We know that children develop 80% of their brain in the first three years of life,” says Andy, “so we want to give them the space to get the brain firing.”

Creative thinking is of key importance to the next generation, as they will need this skill to be successful in their personal and professional lives.

5. Learning through play

Multisport play is a simple way for kids to engage with the world; this is why you may see your child mimicking behaviors of their favorite athletes or even yourself.

Multisport play develops children’s imaginations and puts them in real-life situations where they need to solve problems and think of solutions. GrowFit Camp is the perfect place to bring more than just characters into a child’s expansive world.

“We know that working through experiences with multisport play has very strong benefits,” says Andy. “It allows children to make sense of situations, understand what is happening around them and what these experiences mean for them.”

Andy hopes parents will encourage their children to practice multisport play, as, “it is important for children to be active learners and thinkers right from the start.”

Interested in a GrowFit camp? Check them out here.

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