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79 Ways For Kids to Exercise

Do you spend all your free time watching TV or playing video games? Two hours of TV or video games a day should be your limit, if you want to be healthy and strong and develop your creativity. Here are some exercise ideas:

1. Walk your dog

2. Walk your neighbor’s dog (with permission from your parents and your neighbor, of course)

3. Fly a kite

4. Toss a Frisbee

5. Ask your parents or grandparents to take you to a state park or other area where you can take a nature hike. Look for unusual plants, insects or wildlife and take samples or pictures for your science class or show and tell

6. Ride your bike

7. Skate

8. If you have a yard, pick up sticks or trash

9. Pull weeds

10. Rake the yard or garden

11. Play tag

12. Play hopscotch

13. Have a hula hoop contest, and see who can keep the hoop up the longest

14. Learn to juggle

15. Jump rope (boxers do it, and look how strong & healthy they are!)

16. Visit the zoo, amusement park or museum (lots of walking)

17. Wash the car

18. Have every family member wear a pedometer, and have a daily challenge to see who can take the most steps. This is one of the best ways to motivate exercising! Losers do winner’s chores the next day!

19. Shoot hoops

20. Play soccer

21. Play softball

22. Play badminton

23. Have a water balloon fight

24. Put on your bathing suit and run through the sprinkler

25. Go swimming (never without an adult to supervise!)

26. Give the dog a bath. The bigger the dog, the more exercise you’ll get!

27. Sign up for a charity walk-a-thon with your parent, grandparent, or other relative. You’ll help raise money for a good cause and get in great exercise at the same time. If your town doesn’t have a walk-a-thon, start one for your favorite charity

28. Do jumping jacks

29. Do push-ups

30. Put on an exercise video and get a good workout

31. Do sit-ups

32. Learn to play golf, or caddy for someone else

33. Play tennis

34. Play miniature golf

35. Go bowling

36. Learn to twirl a baton

37. Take a class in martial arts and learn to defend yourself

38. Build a fort and play cowboys and Indians

39. If you have a two-story home or a home with a basement, carry out-of-place items up or down stairs, one item at a time

40. Run the vacuum

41. Wash windows

42. Clean your room

43. Ride your skateboard

44. Learn yoga, either at a class or from a video

45. Race-walk

46. Have relay races with your friends or family

47. Play touch football

48. Learn ballroom dancing

49. Learn hip-hop dancing

50. Take classes in ballet, jazz or tap dancing

51. Join a clogging or Irish step-dancing club

52. Learn to play an instrument and join the marching band

53. Join a gym or work with a private fitness trainer

54. Practice turning cartwheels in the yard

55. Walk on the beach and collect shells

56. Set up an obstacle course in your back yard, and practice going faster and faster through it

57. Have a tug of war

58. Get several parents & kids together and have one-legged sack races

59. Learn to water ski (again, make sure you have adult supervision at all times!)

60. Learn to surf (same as number 59)

61. Play hockey

62. Climb the monkey bars or a climbing wall

63. Go horseback riding

64. Learn gymnastics

65. Play volleyball

66. Play table tennis

67. Use normal household items and form a rhythm band. March around the house or neighborhood playing your instruments

68. Pull your little brother or sister around the yard in a wagon

69. Play croquet

70. Have a long-jumping contest with your friends, and see who can jump the farthest

71. In the winter, you can ice skate;

72. Ski- – either downhill or cross-country

73. Build a snowman

74. Build a snow fort and have a snowball fight

75. Go sledding

76. Shovel snow off your sidewalk or driveway

77. Take your dog outside and play fetch in the snow. Most dogs love snow!

78. Take a walk in the snow, then try to step in your own tracks all the way back

79. Shovel snow off someone else’s walk, either as a favor or to earn money

What are you waiting for, kids? Start moving!!

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