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About GrowFit

GrowFit was co-founded in 2010 by Russ Nuffer. Inspired by his happy childhood memories, which all seemed to involve sports and friends, Russ sought to provide that same enjoyable experience to today’s children. Rather than the competitive sports environment found in many programs, Russ wants GrowFit to provide a safe atmosphere for all kids to enjoy sports in a team environment.

"Sometimes you will never know the value of a moment until it becomes a memory." - Dr. Suess

GrowFit started as a physical education company with the whole child in mind. GrowFit Curriculum was built to make physical education accessible and fun for all kiddos through professionally designed lesson plans that focus on social and emotional learning. The curriculum is used for camp and was created by educators and designed to inspire kids to try new sports and games while focusing on their social and emotional learning.

As a result of this, the GrowFit approach is a radically different sports camp. Combined with decades of experience in physical education, children will receive unparalleled attention in an environment that fosters being respectful, being honest, and working hard.

GrowFit provides a home for the active spirit. Nurturing the playfulness within us, GrowFit’s social-emotional approach helps children ages four to twelve, learn to love being active – while building confidence and having fun.

Our goals are simple.

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Every child goes home happy from the day, makes new friends and feels a sense of camaraderie from being at GrowFit Camp.

All of our staff gets to know families, are friendly and engaged with children and parents.

All of our staff is trained in child development and are considered educators.

Children feel safe and inspired to try new sports and games.