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Are Sports Important to Us and Our Well-Being?

For many people around the country, football season would be fast approaching and professional sports forecasts would be on the horizon. Yet, an olympic summer is postponed and athletes all over the world are wondering when the next time they have to shine, will be. 

Our kids might be wondering the same. Will there be a soccer season? Swim classes? Hockey practice? It makes us wonder, are sports important to us and our well-being? What do sports do for us?

We asked three former college athletes and here is what they said sports did for them. 

Swimmer- “I found my wife through swimming! You are more likely to cultivate lifelong fitness habits, the longer you play a sport. It’s like putting money in for retirement, you reap the benefits down the line. It’s fun to compete with a team of your close friends, cheering them on brings you joy, and you push yourself to do more than you would have ordinarily expected. This helps your confidence and mindset in jobs.”

Hockey player- “College sports taught me a lot about teamwork. Sometimes you’ll have to give up your personal goals for the greater good of the team. This is humbling. Sports also taught me time management in needing to balance schoolwork and workouts. It also taught me discipline and how to deal with different coaching styles.”

Soccer player- “Sports have taught me perseverance and how to bounce back from set-backs, disappoints and injuries. There is an energy that comes from competing that brings a team together. It prepares you for work because you learn life lessons about your teammates. You learn how to communicate with your teammates and learn to sacrifice your wants and needs for the good of the team.” 

Just in interviewing these three athletes, we can’t help but be warmed by the idea that sometime in our future, sports will be back and we can cheer on our favorite teams. We’d love to hear from you and your kids about what sports have taught you. Send us an email at info@growfitpe.com!

Happy sporting!

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