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Berkeley Summer Camps

Dive Into A World Of Sports!

Excitement For Berkeley And Nearby Families!

Why Our Berkeley Summer Camps?

Our summer camps are dedicated to sparking a love for sports in kids, presenting a diverse lineup of nine engaging games every day, meticulously chosen by our site manager. These games cover a spectrum from team sports like basketball and soccer to innovative games that improve coordination and agility. This variety ensures a fun and exciting experience each day, uniquely designed to inspire and entertain young athletes across all abilities.

Age Appropriate

We take special care in grouping campers aged 4 to 12 according to their age, understanding that each age range has unique athletic and social needs. This structure fosters new friendships and promotes learning and engagement in a safe, supportive environment perfect for the young athlete.

Our committed team does more than just keep every camper engaged and safe. They take the time to get to know each child’s athletic interests and goals. The outcome? A personalized summer camp experience in Berkeley that nurtures and grows the passion of every aspiring athlete.

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The Camp Day

Each day at  camp brings an exciting array of activities for our campers. They participate in nine diverse games, each lasting for 30 minutes, with the action spread both indoors and outdoors. Every day promises a fresh experience, with games chosen intentionally for each group by our dedicated camp manager.

Beyond games, our campers enjoy casual conversations with their newly-made friends during snack breaks, lunchtime, and the all-time favorite, popsicle time.

We wrap up the day on a thrilling note, with each counselor facilitating a shout-out circle time. This encourages campers to express positivity towards each other, and the counselor highlights the day’s triumphs. This practice solidifies the sense of community within our Berkeley summer camp and leaves everyone anticipating the next day’s adventures.

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Our Team

Our Berkeley summer camp is backed by an impressive ensemble of professionals comprising child development experts and specialized educators. Our experienced team commits to individual engagement with each camper, providing an unparalleled and customized experience. All members of our team, from the small business owner to the dedicated operational staff, are unwavering in their commitment to cater to the needs of both you and your child. Our objective is to not just meet but exceed your child’s expectations, all while promoting a sense of belonging within our community-centric environment.

Recognizing the unpredictability of life, we adopt a flexible approach. If unforeseen circumstances require a change in your plans after registration, inhibiting your child from enjoying our varied games and unique experiences, we extend a full credit right up to the eve of the camp’s commencement.

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