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Blackhawk Based Summer Day Camps

Summer Excitement: Non-Stop Sports Action Daily!

Ready for a fantastic active sports camp, ideal for Blackhawk families? Our East Bay Sports location, now better than ever, invites 4-12 year-olds to enjoy 9 daily sports and games, including bubble soccer and bounce house time! With age-based groups, it’s all about fun and comfort. We blend traditional sports with exciting new elements, perfect for all skill levels. Bring your child for a summer of growth, competition, and pure joy. Register now for an unforgettable summer!

What Makes GrowFit Camp Special?

Our camp focuses on fostering a love for sports in kids by offering a diverse array of nine engaging games each day, meticulously selected by our site manager. These games range from team-based activities like basketball and soccer to individual challenges that enhance coordination and agility.

Beyond the games, we emphasize the importance of rest and relaxation, with designated times for snack and lunch breaks, ensuring kids recharge and stay energized. The highlight for many is the much-anticipated popsicle time, a sweet treat that brings smiles and a chance to cool down.

Each day concludes with a special circle time, where campers gather to reflect on their day, sharing their favorite moments and accomplishments. This practice helps foster a sense of community and support, encouraging kids to express themselves and celebrate their achievements.

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Camp Features

  • Variety of Sports: Summer camp provides a unique range of activities for young athletes, including world cup soccer, volleyball, badminton, and more, all within our state-of-the-art facility.
  • Grouped by Age: To ensure the best experience, campers are grouped by age, allowing for age-appropriate activities and learning.
  • Beyond Sports: We emphasize more than just sports; our camp is dedicated to fostering teamwork and friendship in a safe, welcoming environment. This approach is perfect for introducing new sports and enjoying classic games.
  • Flexible Registration: We offer various registration options, including daily or weekly sign-ups, with discounts for longer commitments.

Grouped by Age

Campers are always grouped by age.

Indoor & Climate Controlled

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Professionally Trained Staff

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Registration is now open!

Registration is now open for all camps near Blackhawk at East Bay Sports!

GrowFit Near Blackhawk

2411 Old Crow Canyon Rd
San Ramon, CA 94583

Camp Manager

Johnathan K.


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