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San Jose In-Person Distance Learning Camps

GrowFit, in August 2020, has introduced new in-person distance learning camps to assist families that need support and care for their children during school remote learning days. Distance learning camps are in-person and prioritize learning, socialization and play. This means that they support both the distance learning initiatives of local school districts as well as the socialization. Camps are beginning with the start of the school year and are held at the San Jose Silver Creek SportsPlex location.

Information & Safety Protocol

Our Distance Learning Camps are in-person at our camp location at Silver Creek SportsPlex. This means that they support both the distance learning initiatives of your local school district, charter, or private school, as well as the socialization and physical activity requirements that we believe are important for child development.

  • Our P.E. curriculum aligns to California state standards
  • We have already built the infrastructure for safety during Covid-19
  • We have been partnering with schools for 10 years

Cost is $395 per week for a full week or $282 for M, W, F. Campers must sign up for our 3-week blocks. There must be a minimum of eight (8) kids per pod in order for the pod to be formed. If there are not eight (8) kids, the pod will not be formed.

No Symptoms Requirement

No staff member, child, or parent may exhibit signs of COVID-19, as defined by the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) within fourteen (14) days of attending distance learning camps. There are no exceptions to the rule.

Mask Wearing is Required in All Locations

Masks help prevent the spread of COVID-19 by protecting others from possible viral particulates that are airborne. This ensures a safe environment for everyone. All parents, coaches, and camp staff are required to wear masks, except when eating or when they are at play. This per Santa Clara County guidelines.

No Fevers Requirement

Thermal temperature scans will be conducted on all persons entering our facilities and attending our camps. If a temperature exceeds 100.4 degrees, your child will be turned away and asked to stay home until a self-quarantine period of ten (10) days is over.

Stable Groups of Twelve (12)

GrowFit is committed to ensuring that your child stays within stable groups. These stable groups act as temporary “secondary households” to ensure that any exposure to COVID-19 is mitigated. We will commit to utilizing only one teacher in these “groups”.

Equipment & Surface Sterilization

All equipment at GrowFit camps will be sterilized before and after play. There are no exceptions to this rule. Gloves will be worn and a disinfectant meeting them minimum requirements as outlined by the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) will be applied.

Bubble Soccer, and Bounce Houses Indefinitely Suspended

Bubble soccer, as well as bounce houses, will be indefinitely suspended to prevent the spread of COVID-19 on any surfaces that may be lingering.

What's Included with Camp?

All of our locations have many great features. With the majority of our camps, we include a few standard features, but there are a few things that always set us apart from the rest:

Stable Groups of 12 and Matched by Age

All of our campers are grouped by age and in stable groups of 12. In almost all cases, each group will be based on their homeroom teacher or in locations that are not partnered with a school, they will be grouped based on family members, their ages and assigned, just like at school. This helps with an easy transition into distance learning camp.

On-Site Distance Learning Assistance

Our camp staff will be available to assist your child with any questions they may have during the distance learning time. In each camp, there will be a block or blocks that are set aside for virtual learning, and blocks that are reserved for “homework”. Our camp staff will do their best to assist your child with their homework and any other questions they may have during the process.

Varied Sports Activities to Support Growing Kiddos

GrowFit distance learning camps will have varied sports activities to ensure that your kiddo never gets bored and it helps us support their physical and mental development. Through games that involve strategy and play, your kiddo will benefit from our awesome activity schedules.

Climate Controlled, Indoor, and Regularly Ventilated

All of our camp locations are climate controlled, indoors, and regularly ventilated in order to support the safety of our campers and staff. Each location has different ventilation systems that ensure the safety and security of our kiddos. For more information, check the camp location specific pages.

GrowFit at SportsPlex

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Camp Manager

Sara Patz
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