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Information about COVID-19

Refund Policy Updates: In light of the current situation, we know plans are uncertain and we will provide you with any refund or credit that is requested prior to the day of camp due to the coronavirus. No questions asked.

A Message from Russ Nuffer, CEO

Dear Parent,

As a valued member of the GrowFit family, I appreciate the trust that you put in us to care for your child during our camp seasons.

In the current environment, we understand and appreciate the need for reassurance and trust in providers of all types, from travel to child care, about the safety and security of your kiddo during their time at camp. That’s why I wanted to take the time, personally, to update you on our COVID-19 preparations and the steps we are taking to ensure you and your kiddo’s health and safety.

As many of you know, GrowFit issued a Coronavirus Policy, which encompasses a wide array of preventative measures to assist with our safety program. This policy states that no person who exhibits symptoms or has come into contact with a person who has symptoms of either COVID-19 or the flu, may attend or register for camps within fourteen (14) days.

In addition, GrowFit camp facilities have instituted an increased number of deep cleans at all of our locations. GrowFit is committed to the health and safety of all kiddos and that’s why we’ve added even more hand sanitization breaks and are continuing to encourage our campers to bring their own water bottles. We’ve also stepped up our sanitization of our equipment using Lysol- and Clorox-based products to help effectively kill COVID-19 or any other virus.

GrowFit believes so strongly in the safety and security of your kiddo, that we’re committed to continuously providing excellence throughout all of our camps and by reassuring you, as a parent, of our commitment to you and your family.

I believe firmly in GrowFit’s mission to keep moving and have fun. We believe that it is essential to keep our activities moving. I hope you’ll join us soon.

Sincerely yours,


Russ Nuffer


GrowFit takes you and your child’s safety and security seriously. As a result of recent directives and information available from California Department of Public Health, Centers for Disease Control (CDC), County regulations and our partner schools in the San Francisco Bay and East Bay areas, GrowFit has increased its sanitization protocols at every camp location and has implemented a Coronavirus (SARS-COVID-19) policy.


If you, or a member of your family, are exhibiting signs of COVID-19 or any flu-like symptoms or have been exposed, you and your children are not permitted to attend camp.

Face masks are required for camp staff, parents and campers. Frequent breaks will be taken indoors and mask breaks outdoors. Campers will not wear masks during meals. Exemptions are made for children with medical notes. Cohorts will consist of no more than 12 children and will not mix within a 3-week timeframe.

Thermal temperature scans with contactless thermometers will be done on all children and staff entering the facilities. Staff are screened for symptoms and exposure prior to entrance.

Only groups of 12 children will be permitted to be together at one time. No more than 12 children will be in a group. Within the cohort, six foot distance will be enforced between campers with the understanding that California states “Physical distancing between young children in the same cohort should be balanced with developmental and socio‐emotional needs of this age group.”


All equipment will be sterilized before and after play. There are no exceptions to this rule. Gloves will be worn and a disinfectant will be used. Hand-washing will be encouraged all day but will be required before and after lunch and after the use of the bathroom.

Bubble soccer, bounce houses and use of water fountains will be suspended indefinitely for the safety of campers. Equipment will not be shared between cohorts during the camp day.

We provide a 100% refund to all customers if circumstances change.

If local health authorities deem us unable to operate, we will provide a 100% refund to any customer who requests it. No questions asked.


GrowFit认真对待您和您孩子的安全。根据疾病控制中心(CDC)和我们在旧金山湾和东湾地区的合作学校的最新指令和信息,GrowFit在每个营地增加了其消毒方案,并实施了冠状病毒(SARS- COVID-19)政策。



如有任何疑问,请随时通过我们网站(上的实时聊天系统或通过电子邮件[email protected]与我们联系。


Actualizaciones de la política de reembolso: A la luz de la situación actual, sabemos que los planes son inciertos y lo trataremos como nos gustaría que nos traten, proporcionándole cualquier reembolso o crédito que se solicite antes del día del campamento debido al coronavirus.

GrowFit se toma en serio la seguridad de usted y su hijo. Como resultado de las directivas recientes y la información disponible de los Centros para el Control de Enfermedades (CDC) y nuestras escuelas asociadas en las áreas de San Francisco Bay y East Bay, GrowFit ha aumentado sus protocolos de desinfección en cada campamento y ha implementado un Coronavirus (SARS- COVID-19) política.

Según esta política, cualquier persona que haya viajado presenta síntomas similares a los de la gripe dentro de los catorce (14) días previos al inicio del campamento no puede registrarse o asistir a los campamentos. Si usted o un miembro de su familia está enfermo: DETÉNGASE. No asista, se registre o intente asistir al campamento, la escuela o cualquier otra actividad pública.

Si se descubre que un niño o un padre ha asistido al campamento que ha sido confirmado como un paciente positivo de la enfermedad de Coronavirus (SARS-COVID-19), GrowFit no mantendrá el campamento para garantizar la seguridad de nuestros campistas y sus familias.

Si tiene alguna pregunta, no dude en comunicarse con nosotros a través de nuestro sistema de chat en vivo en nuestro sitio web ( o por correo electrónico a [email protected].

Si usted o su familia exhiben signos de enfermedad por coronavirus (SARS-COVID-19), solicite la asistencia de un médico de inmediato.

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