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Become a Distance Learning Partner

We would like to provide an opportunity for care, physical education and support for online learning for families at your school district at our location at our camp locations where we hold our camps, this fall.

GrowFit started as a physical education company with the whole child in mind and we believe strongly in the importance of education, socialization and physical activity. We have already built the infrastructure, during Covid, that requires social distancing, stable groups of 12 only, and have been operating all of our Bay Area and East Bay locations without pause during the Covid-19 crisis.

You and your community benefit from a distance learning partnership with GrowFit.

GrowFit partnerships span most of the Bay Area, including West Sacramento, San Ramon, and Rancho Cordova.

Camp will be the full school day plus time for fun and sports.

Parents need support and kids need socialization and play.

GrowFit is willing to hire staff from schools who won't be utilized this year.

Our P.E. curriculum has been certified by the state of California.

We have already built this infrastructure into our camps during Covid-19.

We have been partnering with schools for more than a decade.

GrowFit Partners

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