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Five Easy Back-To-School Preparation Tips For Parents

Planning ahead is very important to preparing your child for the first day of school. Follow these five easy back-to-school preparation tips for parents when your kiddos start their classes next school year.

It’s not just about having their bag, books and lunch box ready, but it’s crucial that children are also prepared mentally. When they feel encouragement, reassurance and support from their parents, they are more likely to feel more confident and competent during the first day.

Here are some easy back-to-school preparation tips for parents:

Talk to his teacher

Before school starts, it’s ideal to pay his teacher, guidance counsellor or even the school principal a visit to let them know your interest in involvement and your good will. This is also the perfect time to give the teacher a heads up about any health or learning issue your child may have.

Another good thing to find out is whether your child has a friend, neighbor or relative in class. A buddy system will make transition easier as well as the rest of the school year.

Adjust his bedtime

Your little one may have been used to staying up later than his usual bedtime during vacation. At least a full week before school starts, it’s important to adjust his body clock according to daily school schedule. Lights off should be earlier than usual to ensure he gets the right amount of sleep for a full day of learning. We all know how cranky one can get when we are tired!

Teach him about safety

Sit your little one down and talk about safety and how it should be his top priority. Discuss what to do in situations such as being lost or being bullied. Talk about physical safety and traffic safety. Remind him that he is surrounded by responsible adults to who he can run to should there be a problem.

Get them excited

While some children may be excited for the first day in school, others won’t be because they might still be in vacation mode. To get them amped for returning, buy their clothing, snacks and supplies with them, giving them freedom to choose. We also like to get them excited at our camps with activities that support not just physical education, but also arts & crafts.

Spend quality time together

Once they’re back studying, you won’t get to spend as much time with them. Make it a point to just bond with your little one/s, have meaningful conversations and just be there for them. This will reassure them that they will come home to a loving place after a long day at school.

For a smoother school year ahead, follow these back-to-school preparation tips for parents!

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