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GrowFit Filling a Need for Families this Fall

Across the nation fall plans are being diligently thought through at many schools and districts. Will kiddos go back to schools part-time, every other week in a hybrid model, or only remotely? Given that the knowledge we have of Covid-19 is ever-changing and even sometimes, contradictory, making these decisions can be so difficult. Balancing the needs of children to be amongst their peers in a physical classroom and learning in-person, with the safety of the children and families, feels like an impossible task. This is not to mention the challenging dynamic of parents working from home while children are learning remotely and the impact this has on parent productivity, family dynamics and child health and energy. 

Given our experience with the procedures and regulations required to ensure the safety of our families, we are hoping that we can provide support to families in need this school year. We would love to hear your feedback and input as to whether you think this would be helpful.

GrowFit started as a physical education company with the whole child in mind and we believe strongly in the importance of education, socialization and physical activity. We have already built the infrastructure, during Covid-19, that requires social distancing, stable groups of 12 only, and have been operating all of our Bay Area and East Bay locations without pause during the Covid-19 crisis. To date, our systems, procedures, and safety protocols have worked to not only ensure parents of the safety of our program, but also our abilities to offer top-notch care in a time where care is scarce.

As such, GrowFit is in the process of partnering with schools for the fall who will be providing a hybrid school model in which students spend some days on school campus and some days at home doing online learning. 

GrowFit is looking to provide the space for students on the remote learning days to be able to participate in online learning as well as physical education, socialization activities. Our hope is to partner with only one school and keep kids together in the cohorts that they are in at school.

We imagine that our staff would help students get online on to their computers, support the online learning experience by being present, monitoring and helping answer questions, assisting with the completion of their classwork and homework and then organizing play and physical education activities for before, in between and after learning times. 

While we are in the early stages of planning for this, we have had generally positive feedback from families and districts as we head into uncertain times this fall. Ensuring the safety of our families and staff remains our number one priority and we look forward to seeing how we can support our communities during this challenging time. 

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