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How Do I Stay Lighthearted for My Children During a Difficult Time?

All we need to do is spend 5 minutes with the television on, on social media, or on our news apps to feel the “doom and gloom” of the world’s news. With all of the noise, negativity and bad news, how do I stay strong, positive and lighthearted for my children? This feels like a daily challenge. If you’re feeling it, you’re definitely NOT alone. 

This blog is simply a reminder that we don’t always need to indulge in the negativity and we can experience a relief from the grief of the world right now. You have heard these before, but we can say them again. 

Practice Mindfulness & Meditation 

  1. Pause, breathe and notice how you feel. 
  2. Take breaks and limit your social media & news intake
  3. Make time to sleep & exercise 
  4. Reach out to family and friends
  5. Seek help if overwhelmed or unsafe

Exercise With Your Kids

This one can be so hard given the work-from-home with our kids lifestyle that leaves us very little time in the day for leisure. Maybe we can include our kids in our exercise? Can we play tag for 10 minutes outside? Jump rope? Shoot a basketball or soccer ball? Go for a bike ride together? 

At Night, Write One Thing You’re Grateful For 

Maybe journaling is too time consuming, but if you opened your phone and included in your notes, one thing you were grateful for each day, would it help your mood? 

Find a Way to Laugh Each Day

Maybe this is as simple as watching comedy skits on Netflix at night, or looking up jokes online to share with your kids and inspiring them to make up their own. 

Do Something for Someone Else

Donating blood, giving to a food bank, signing a petition for a cause you care about, baking banana bread for an elderly neighbor or family member, or writing a letter or card a day to people you love or would like to connect with or thank…are all ways we can feel like we are contributing to a greater cause.

Art as Therapy with Your Kids

Without thinking about how beautiful it will be or having a goal in mind, make art with your children in a subconscious way. Just let your imagination roam and freely draw, feeling a sense of release of control, circles, squares, splatters, just let your emotions guide the art.

Be Gentle on Yourself

You, your family, and your children are all doing the best you can during a very difficult time. Being gentle on ourselves and each other can really help us feel the love over the gloom. 

Happy journeying!

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