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GrowFit Kids Play: Communication

We feel the same way. So, we want to share some fun & unique games and tips to keep you and your family active and entertained in the coming days. These come directly from our physical education curriculum! 



Use whatever you have multiple of in your home. You can use sports equipment,

kitchenware, shoes, clothing, whatever you’d like! 


  • Designate one person “the designer,” one person “the communicator,” and one person “the copycat.”
  • Ro Sham Bo (rock, paper, scissors) to decide who will be the designer, copycat and communicator
  • The designer and copycat kneel or sit with their backs facing one another and may not talk.
  • When the communicator says GO!” the designer must use the materials to create a pattern or design on the floor, one step or move at a time.
  • The communicator will stand between the designer and the copycat and describe to the copycat, in detail, what the designer is creating (choose your words carefully).
  • The copycat will then recreate the pattern by listening to the communicator’s instructions.
  • After each step, step back and see how the communication helped make the designs look similar or different. 
  • Switch roles and continue until everyone has taken a turn in a role. 


  1. Why is communication important to learning?
  2. In what ways does communication cause us to change our actions? 
  3. How do our words impact others? 
  4. How does listening play a role in learning? 

We hope this brings you some joy!


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