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Morgan Hill Based Summer Day Camps

Packed with a ton of sports like basketball, flag football, bubble soccer, and rock climbing, our camp is a hub of thrill and constant enjoyment! This summer is a fantastic chance to forge new friendships, explore various sports, and create lifelong memories. Ideal for energetic kids and aspiring athletes – come and embark on an incredible multi-sport journey with us!

Uncover the Joy: A Typical Day at GrowFit Summer Camp!

What Sets GrowFit
Sports Camp Apart?

At GrowFit, we fuel children’s enthusiasm for sports with a daily selection of nine engaging games, carefully chosen by our site manager and hosted at the Bay Area’s finest indoor sports complex, “The Plex.” Our focus is on enjoyment and inclusive participation, cherishing the joy of playing over the emphasis on winning. Dedicated to fostering a safe and positive space, we make sure kids are thrilled and confident in trying new sports. Each day concludes with a special shout-out session, allowing campers to share their joyful experiences and achievements. Our approach cultivates a supportive and safe environment for all.

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Camp Features

Fueling a Passion for Sports: We’re thrilled to spark a sports passion in children. Our camp boasts a range of sports like soccer, volleyball, basketball, rock climbing, roller skating, and more, all hosted at the Bay Area’s top indoor sports complex!

Age-Appropriate Grouping: We sort kids into groups based on their age, ensuring they’re engaged in activities that suit their skill level and interests.

Beyond Sports: Our camp is a welcoming environment where kids do more than just sports. They learn about teamwork, create lasting friendships, and feel secure and appreciated. It’s an ideal spot for experimenting with new sports and enjoying the classics.

Customizable Registration Choices: Catering to diverse family needs, we offer a variety of enrollment options. Whether for a single day or a whole week, our registration is flexible to accommodate your schedule, including discounts for longer stays!

Professionally Trained Staff

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Grouped by Age

Campers are always grouped by age.

Indoor & Climate Controlled

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Parent Reviews & Testimonials

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Registration is now open for all summer camps near Morgan Hill

GrowFit Near Morgan Hill

800 Embedded Way
San Jose, CA 95138

Camp Manager

Sara Patz
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