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New Almaden Based Summer Camps

Join us at New Almaden Summer Camps for a summer filled with sports and fun! We offer a variety of activities, including basketball, flag football, bubble soccer, and rock climbing. Our camp is the perfect place for excitement and non-stop enjoyment. This summer is an excellent opportunity for kids to make new friends, try out different sports, and create unforgettable memories. It’s ideal for active kids and those who dream of becoming athletes. Come along and start an amazing multi-sport adventure with us!

A Glimpse Into GrowFit Summer Camp: Daily Fun and Games!

What makes GrowFit camp so special??

At GrowFit, we’re passionate about nurturing kids’ love for sports with a daily mix of nine exciting games. These activities are carefully selected by our site manager and take place at “The Plex,” the Bay Area’s premier indoor sports complex. We emphasize fun and encourage everyone to participate, focusing on the delight of playing rather than just winning. We’re committed to maintaining a safe and encouraging environment, ensuring children are excited and self-assured when trying new sports. Each day wraps up with a special shout-out time, giving campers the chance to share their fun experiences and personal achievements. This approach helps us create a supportive and secure atmosphere for all.

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Camp Features

Igniting Children’s Passion for Sports: We’re excited to kindle a love for sports in kids at our camp. Offering a variety of sports including soccer, volleyball, basketball, rock climbing, and roller skating, we host these activities at the Bay Area’s finest indoor sports complex!

Creating a Supportive Environment Beyond Sports: Our camp is more than just sports; it’s a place where kids learn about teamwork, build lasting friendships, and feel valued and safe. It’s the perfect setting for trying out new sports and enjoying familiar ones.

Tailoring Groups to Age: We organize children into age-appropriate groups, making sure they’re involved in activities that match their abilities and interests, enhancing their camp experience.

Flexible Registration to Fit Your Needs: Understanding that every family has different needs, we offer a range of registration options. You can choose to enroll for just a day or for a whole week, with our flexible registration accommodating your schedule and offering discounts for longer stays!

Professionally Trained Staff

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Grouped by Age

Campers are always grouped by age.

Indoor & Climate Controlled

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Registration is now open for summer!

Registration is now open for all summer camps near New Almaden!

GrowFit Near New Almaden

800 Embedded Way
San Jose, CA 95138

Camp Manager

Sara Patz
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