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Partner with GrowFit

Growing with GrowFit is simple and convenient. Whether you’re a school, a business, or an athletic complex/facility, we’d love to work with you to help expand our network of camps and offer unique benefits to your employees, students, and membership.

You and your community benefit from partnering with GrowFit.

GrowFit partnerships span most of the Bay Area, including West Sacramento, San Ramon, and Rancho Cordova.

Schools get free PE curriculum for their students.

Businesses get free camp days or special discounts*.

Athletic complexes get revenue share**.

Cultural schools get special discounts* for team play.

For Schools

Schools benefit from GrowFit partnerships because we can provide your students with athletic pursuits when they aren’t in school helping your parents find care when they need it. Partnerships come with a free subscription to GrowFit’s physical education curriculum creating a win-win for everyone.

For Businesses

GrowFit partners with businesses to help your employees stay focused and create a convenient option for care. Businesses receive discounts to GrowFit camps* that provide before and after care for kiddos from ages four to thirteen.

For Athletic Complexes

GrowFit partners with athletic complexes to take over or augment their existing sports camp facilities. The best part is that we do all of the work while you get revenue share. Partnerships are easy, exciting, and help generate extra income for your facility.

For Cultural Schools

Cultural schools benefit from utilizing GrowFit’s camp system by providing your students with a method to learn together. You provide your students with cultural understanding and we provide them with the physical education and development that they need to succeed. Offering your school discounts is one way that we work together*.

GrowFit Partners

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* Applies to new customers only