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Located at SportsHouse in {{mpg_cityname}}, GrowFit sports camps offer a wide variety of activities and physical education to help develop your kiddo’s young athletic spirit. Based on GrowFit’s proprietary curriculum, our camps provide opportunities for thousands of different activities to be explored.

About the location


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The Camp Day


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Our Team

GrowFit has a robust team of professionals ranging from child development psychologists to kinesiologists. Our team is experienced, and well-trained, and works with each individual child on a one-on-one basis. From our executive staff to camp operations, we have you and your child’s needs covered. We work hard in all areas to espouse our company values and to help meet your kiddo’s expectations.

As always, if your plans change after registering and you aren’t able to enjoy all of the games and new experiences, we provide a full refund up to the day before camp.

Camp Manager

To be determined 🙂

Cities Served


GrowFit at SportsHouse