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Counselors In Training (CIT)

Kids stepping into 8th through 10th grades

What is a Counselor In Training?

A Counselor in Training (CIT) at Camp GrowFit Sports is your all-access pass to a summer filled with leadership, learning, and lots of sports action! In this unique role, older campers not only guide and mentor the younger ones but also jump into the game, playing sports alongside the kids. They weave magic into every camp day, develop crucial innovation and leadership skills with their fellow CITs, and bring energy and excitement to the sports field.

Huge volleyball game at summer camp

Why choose to be a CIT?

Build lasting friendships and memories with other CITs.

Guide and mentor younger campers in both sports and friendships while also backing up the team.

Spend your days playing a variety of sports.

Enhance your leadership skills through hands-on learning.

Enjoy a summer filled with fun by introducing new games to campers.

What is a day like?

Being a CIT at Camp GrowFit Sports means diving into a day filled with energy and enthusiasm. You’ll spend your time engaging in games with the campers, assisting in teaching alongside experienced counselors, and learning to resolve camper disputes under the guidance of counselors and the camp director. Each moment presents a chance to learn and have a blast. As the day wraps up, you’ll feel a profound sense of achievement, having positively influenced the camp environment and forged lasting memories.

How Do I Sign Up?

Our sign-up process asks for at least a one-week commitment to foster growth and build strong bonds between campers and CITs, enhancing the experience for all. The cost is just $50 per week! Our CITs show up at 8:30 AM and leave at 4:00 PM. Simply choose your preferred location, then scroll to select the week you wish to attend. That’s all there is to it! We’re excited to see you soon!