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About Our PE Programs

GrowFit physical education is designed to provide schools with an inexpensive yet comprehensive and simple way to teach physical literacy to students with varying needs while giving classroom teachers back their prep time.

Student Benefits

  • Tailored Learning: Our program aligns with each class’s individual needs, ensuring the most engaging and differentiated instruction.
  • Skill Enhancement & Knowledge Reinforcement: With GrowFit, we ensure foundational concepts are grasped before progressing, fostering a deeper understanding.
  • Active Engagement: Our fun skill-based games are designed to optimize aerobic health benefits, crucial for student’s physical well-being and academic performance.
  • Fostering Teamwork & Sportsmanship: We stress the importance of SEL, instilling values beyond athletics.
  • Fun: Students who enjoy themselves while participating in physical activity are more likely to continue engaging in an active lifestyle.
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School Benefits

  • It gives classroom teachers back their prep time. When GrowFit teaches PE, classroom teachers get uninterrupted prep time.
  • It’s Easy. GrowFit provides everything needed to run a great PE program.
  • It’s flexible. Schools select the days and times for all PE classes.
  • It’s adaptive. GrowFit teachers learn the culture of the school and adapt their teaching style accordingly.
  • It’s driven by individual needs. Teachers differentiate skill instruction each day by moving up or down the progressions, providing students with practice tasks that allows each of them to experience success.

How It Works


Ten different units teach students the underlying fundamental motor skills.


Each unit consists of a series of levels that provides a developmentally appropriate sequence to motor skill mastery. As students progress through the levels, they begin to combine and apply those motor skills in specialized movement contexts.


Each level contains skill instruction, practice tasks and group games.


When a unit begins, the teacher picks the right level for their class. We offer a pacing guide, but the choice is up to the teacher.


The teacher moves on to the next level when the class has demonstrated competency of the skill.


Each class follows the same structure: warm up game, skill instruction, skill practice, group game(s), class debrief.

Our Curriculum

Our proprietary PE curriculum offers a win-win for your school. Not only does it meet all national and state standards, but it also makes learning motor skills an engaging experience for students. Best of all, we’ve integrated social-emotional learning into each lesson, supporting whole-child development. Our curriculum is used by teachers nationwide. With our program, you’re not just getting physical education; you’re saving money while investing in the well-rounded growth of your students.