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Saratoga Summer Camp

Now At The Plex

About the location

Come to our vibrant multi-sport summer camp Near Saratoga, the most exciting sports camp, hosted at the Plex. We take advantage of the expansive climate-controlled indoor facility to bring a diverse array of sports to life. Our newly updated facility makes it exciting to roller skate, rock climb, play traditional sports and sets the stage for numerous fostering strong friendships.

Age Apropriate

We offer a summer camp experience for children between the ages of four and twelve, where campers are grouped with peers of similar age. This provides them with an opportunity to meet new friends and engage in socially and emotionally appropriate games throughout the day.

To ensure that each child receives individual attention and guidance, we assign a passionate educator to each group. These experienced counselors lead the group and get to know each camper personally, providing a warm and supportive environment for everyone to enjoy.

See a sample schedule here

The Camp Day

Join the community at summer camp. Each day, our campers engage in nine lively, 30-minute games, carefully selected from our exclusive PE curriculum by our seasoned camp manager to ensure maximum enjoyment.

To keep spirits high and bodies recharged, we intersperse the day with water and snack breaks, a lunch interval, and the much-anticipated, end-of-day popsicle celebration.

As part of our community-building focus, we close each day with a heartwarming compliment circle, where campers acknowledge each other’s positive actions, capped off with a shout-out from the counselor recognizing notable achievements of the day. Here, every day is a testament to community spirit and shared joy at our summer camp near Saratoga.

See a sample schedule here


Our Team

At our summer camp, the GrowFit community is supported by a dynamic team of professionals, encompassing child development experts to passionate educators. Our seasoned and well-prepared team is dedicated to working closely with each child, ensuring a personalized experience. From our small business owner to our operational staff, we’re wholly committed to addressing the needs of you and your child. As a community, we tirelessly uphold our company values, and strive to fulfill your child’s aspirations at every turn.

Understanding life’s unforeseen twists and turns, we maintain a flexible stance. If unexpected changes prevent your child from partaking in our diverse activities after registration, we offer a full credit until the day before the camp begins. We’re here to support you, as an integral part of our inclusive Saratoga summer camp community.

Camp Manager

April R. 🙂