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Summer Camp Essentials: Packing for Success at GrowFit Camp

Heading into the sunny embrace of summer, GrowFit MultiSport Camp is the go-to destination for your kids to enjoy an exhilarating blend of sports, friendship, and fun. As we gear up for a season filled with active play and new adventures, we’ve put together a handy guide for parents to ensure their little campers come prepared for the best experience possible. Here’s what to pack for a summer filled with joy and energetic activities:

Athletic Clothing
Comfort is key when it comes to staying active! We recommend dressing your camper in breathable, flexible athletic wear that allows for plenty of movement. Whether it’s a game of soccer or a tag game, proper sportswear will help your child stay comfortable and engaged in the fun.

A Hearty Lunch and Extra Snacks
Our campers are always on the move, burning energy and discovering new sports. To keep their energy levels up, pack a nutritious, hearty lunch and a few extra snacks. The first day is a great benchmark to see how much your camper eats, so you can adjust for the following days. Healthy snacks can be a great energy booster between meals.

Inexpensive Water Bottle
Hydration is essential! Please send your camper with a water bottle, preferably one that’s not too pricey, as they can sometimes be left behind. We make every effort to keep track of personal items, but having an inexpensive bottle can reduce worry if it goes missing.

Sunscreen and a Hat (For Outdoor Locations)
Though our camps are primarily indoor, we do have activities outside in some of our locations. In these cases, please pack sunscreen and a hat to protect your little one from the sun. It’s a small step that can make outdoor play much safer and more enjoyable.

Extra Change of Clothes (For Younger Campers)
For our younger friends, accidents can happen. An extra set of clothes can make a big difference, ensuring they continue enjoying their day without any discomfort. Please remember, campers should be able to change their clothes independently.

Personal Items: Trading Cards and Sports Balls
We understand that campers love bringing a piece of home with them to camp, whether it’s their favorite trading cards or sports balls. However, to maintain a harmonious and inclusive environment for all our campers, we kindly ask that these items stay at home. Bringing personal items to camp can sometimes lead to conflicts or distractions from the day’s activities. Additionally, there’s always a risk that these items may get lost or unintentionally damaged during the hustle and bustle of camp life.

At GrowFit MultiSport Camp, our aim is to provide a space where kids can engage fully with the sports and games provided, ensuring every camper has a fair and equal chance to participate and enjoy. We have plenty of equipment and activities planned, so your camper will have all they need for a fun-filled day without the worry of looking after personal belongings.

By focusing on the essentials listed and leaving personal treasures at home, we can create a smooth, enjoyable experience for everyone involved. It’s all about making sure your camper has the best time possible, filled with fun, learning, and making new friends. We can’t wait to welcome your little athlete to a summer of endless fun and discovery at GrowFit MultiSport Camp! Visit us at www.growfit.camp to learn more and to become part of our vibrant community. Let’s kick off a summer that your child will remember fondly for years to come!

In our digital age, we understand the importance of staying connected. However, to foster a truly engaging and interactive camp environment, we have a policy regarding electronics: mobile phones, Apple watches, and other smart devices are not permitted during camp hours. This policy helps us create a distraction-free zone where campers can fully immerse themselves in the activities, connect with each other, and develop social skills without the constant pull of screens and notifications.

The absence of electronics at camp encourages campers to engage more deeply with the sports, participate in teamwork, and build genuine connections with their peers. It also reduces the risk of loss or damage to valuable items and ensures that all campers feel included, regardless of the gadgets they own or don’t own.

We appreciate your cooperation in discussing this policy with your camper before the start of camp. This conversation can help set the right expectations and prepare them for a day of uninterrupted fun and adventure. If there’s an urgent need for your child to stay connected, please contact us directly to discuss how we can best accommodate your family’s needs while keeping in line with the camp’s values and policies.

By embracing our electronics-free policy, your camper is set to experience the countless benefits of unplugged play, including enhanced creativity, better problem-solving skills, and improved emotional well-being. Together, let’s make this summer a time for personal growth, new friendships, and the joy of living in the moment. We’re excited to provide a space where your child can thrive, explore, and discover new passions at GrowFit MultiSport Camp.

A Smile and a Good Attitude
Last but certainly not least, bring a smile and a positive attitude! Our camp is all about making friends, learning new sports, and creating wonderful memories. A good mood sets the tone for a fantastic day of fun and camaraderie.