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Tag: child development

Getting Your Child Organized for e-Learning

In the age of Covid-19 and more and more schools adopting e-learning strategies, “getting organized” is more than just eliminating clutter and creating neat storage systems. One of the most important areas of organizing is task management. It’s never too early (or too late) to teach kids how to get

How Coloring Helps Child Development

There is no doubt that visual learning plays a key role when it comes to children’s learning and development. In fact, visual teachings are commonly regarded as one of the most important factors that add a lot to a child’s early growth and development. For the records, children are easily

Five Parenting Goals for Parents

Being a mom or dad is one of the essential and fulfilling roles that you will ever play in your life. There is no vacation or weekend when you are a parent, it is a full-time job. Besides all the responsibilities and the initial infant stages, one thing is sure

How To Keep Your Children Aware Of Current Events

Kids these days are least interested in reading and watching the news. All they care about is their video games and mobile phones through which they can chat and play games and do nothing more. It doesn’t harm them as kids, but it isn’t good for their future. When they

Five Tips to Encourage Self-Motivation In Your Little One

Do you find your little one less enthusiastic about playing with her friends? Does she seem aloof to you about everything else? Do you find that she is deteriorating in her studies as well? If you nodded in affirmation, then there are high chances that your little one lacks self-motivation.

Ten Tips to Improve Your Child’s Concentration and Focus

Children in every family are very precious. Education is an integral part of their growing process. It is often proven that children with clear focus and concentration succeed well at academics while at the same time improving their physical abilities. That’s why we compiled these ten tips to improve your child’s concentration and focus.