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Strategies for keeping your kids active when school’s out

The COVID-19 pandemic ushered in a new era of remote work for many of us, presenting both advantages and challenges. For working parents, the shift required navigating a new balance between work responsibilities and caring for our children. Even though the pandemic may be subsiding, many of us are still

5 Benefits of GrowFit Camps for Children

When talking about the benefits of GrowFit, Andy Markle, Director of Marketing highlights that, “GrowFit camps allow parents to introduce their children to a range of activities they may not do at home. It’s also a safe way for parents to allow their children to engage socially with other people and try new things. Parents can broaden their social network, meeting other parents with children in the same age group.”

Five Reasons Why Your Child Should Participate in Sports Camps

The National Alliance for Youth Sports believes that participation in sports camps and athletic activities develops important character traits and lifelong values in children which can create a positive impact in their lives. Youth sports camps seek to make the sports experience for all children safe, fun and healthy.  Programs