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Thanksgiving Break Camp at GrowFit – Where Fun Never Takes a Holiday!

Hey, wonderful families! When the Thanksgiving break rolls around, and you’re looking for a slice of fun for your kids, remember GrowFit Camp is the place to be from November 20th to 22nd!

At GrowFit, we sprinkle our days with a variety of sports and games that are perfect for kids aged 4-12. It’s all about new adventures, classic fun, and making friends in a space that’s as safe as home.

What’s in store?

  • A medley of sports for your little champs to try out, keeping them on their toes and ready for action.
  • Engaging games that are the perfect recipe for laughter and high-fives.
  • Our special “Wacky Wednesday” where the giggles are as plentiful as Thanksgiving treats.

GrowFit is more than just a camp—it’s a community where kids build confidence and social skills while parents enjoy peace of mind. It’s about active bodies, bright smiles, and kiddos who are ready to conquer the world, one game at a time.

So, this Thanksgiving, let the kids embark on a break filled with thankfulness for active play and new friends. Dash over to GrowFit Camp to reserve your spot faster than you can say “turkey”!

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