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The Importance of Accommodating Dietary Needs at Camp

No one kiddo is the same. They all have their own personalities, interests, as well as dietary restrictions. One thing that parents worry about most is the health and safety of their kids. Adding allergies or dietary needs to the list makes sending kids off to camp a little more hesitant for parents. 

At GrowFit, we take this as a serious part of our job. With hot lunches served at every camp location, we know that every detail is important. The menu may change on a day-to-day basis, so it is best to check with the director on the first day you arrive at camp.

But what about those who have allergies or dietary restrictions? GrowFit can accommodate most allergies, including peanuts and gluten. This must be signified on your child’s registration.

If your camper has a severe allergy, we will do our best to accommodate their restrictions. We can offer support such as nut-free tables during lunch and we are able to hold EpiPens on hand in the case of an emergency. 

We are always learning new and better ways to help our kiddos and their dietary needs. We know that no two campers are the same and we aim to ensure that a healthy and filling lunch is provided. We are always learning new ways to better our camps for families and we do strive to have options for campers. We also encourage children to speak up and advocate for themselves when it comes to their needs.

Time to load up the kiddos and head to the nearest GrowFit camp! We would love to see you all soon. Register today!

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