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Camp Theme Weeks

GrowFit has themed camp weeks! These camp weeks revolve each week for each location. They are always a fun time with games and so much more added to the schedule each week. Our camp managers love adding their own personal twist, which is what makes it that much more fun! (Just wait and see, it’s a surprise!)


Super Hero Week

Everyone loves super heroes and we definitely do here at GrowFit. We have a whole week where you dress like your favorite superhero and play games that make your kiddo feel like the next Superman!


Sports Week

Wear your favorite jersey and sport your favorite sport! Our sports week is a fun time to show your team pride! Doesn’t matter the sport! Let’s just have fun!


Wacky Week

Who doesn’t like to act a little silly?! GrowFit’s wacky week is a perfect way to express yourself in a cool and awesome way. Come play with us and see what it’s like!


Hollywood Week

Do you like movie characters? We do, too! Dress up like your favorite movie character and come join us for a movie themed week to provide an imaginative way to play!


Futuristic Fun & Sci-Fi Week

Does your kiddo like Sci-Fi or futuristic space odysseys? Well, we do, too! At GrowFit, allowing your kiddo to express their imaginations like they’re in the year 2040 is a fun way to reimagine sports.


GrowFit Olympics

What’s more fun than an olympics themed camp!? GrowFit Olympics that is! Our games will be representing your favorite country and their amazing sports each week. Check it out!


Heritage Week

Celebrate your unique cultural heritage with GrowFit! We’re offering camps that have awesome game themes that celebrate the uniqueness of each and everyone of us.


Decades Week

From the best of the 60s, 70s, 80s, 90s, and today, we’ll be celebrating each decade with a crazy fun way to play! GrowFit camps will plunge themselves into the past and play hard with awesome games based on each decade!


Talent Week

It’s okay to show off sometimes! GrowFit’s talent week is a great way to show off your stuff and explore your inner talents. Get ready to play with an amazing week of talented kiddos!

Come join a camp! We have camps across the San Francisco and East Bay Area for you and your family.

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