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Our Values

At GrowFit, our values are straightforward and close to our heart. We’re all about kindness, exploring new adventures, and cheering each other on. Our core belief is that kindness, curiosity, and support should flourish together, creating a positive impact not just within our team but also in the wider community we’re proud to be part of.


Be Kind.

It is important for kids to have an open mind to others’ needs and feelings. They will learn to show kindness and respect to others and themselves.

Try New Things.

GrowFit kids learn to become risk takers, to be brave and to try new things. It is important for kids to try their best and understand the need for practice when learning a new skill.

Support Others.

GrowFit teaches kids the importance of being a part of a team and supporting each other. We encourage children to be inclusive and include others in their activities.