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We Like To Move It! Move It!

3 Tips to help your child move more! The reality of being a parent in today’s world can be challenging.  Amid a balancing act of working from home, virtual classrooms, and daily household duties; keeping the physical fitness of our children top of mind can sometimes feel daunting in a world that continually pushes screen time versus play time.   At GrowFit we understand the necessity that physical fitness has in early childhood development, and we partner with parents to provide support in helping keep our kids healthy and active. The Center for Disease Control recommends that children ages 3-5 stay active throughout the day, and that all children ages 6-17 partake in at least 60 minutes of physical exercise.  However, the question is how do we incorporate physical fitness into our families without it feeling like another task on the ever-growing parent to-do list! 1). Experts suggest that screen time for children is best limited to a maximum of two hours per day. However, with new virtual learning environments limited screen time may not be practical.  A suggested idea might be that for each 45 minutes of screen time incorporating a 10 minute “move break!” These ten minutes can be doing jumping jacks in the living room, have an impromptu dance party to 3 favorite songs (for extra fun let the kids pick the jams!), or if the weather is nice have the kids run 3 laps around the backyard for a small prize! 2). Studies have shown that one thing kids want more of but rarely ask for is one-on-one time with parents! A fantastic idea shared from one of our parents is to take a nightly walk after dinner around the block together. You can use this time to talk about your day and let them share back with you while getting those steps in! 3). As parents ourselves, we understand that sometimes busy weeks just don’t allow for the suggestions above! We encourage you to check out our options at Growfit.camp.  GrowFit is a daycamp that focuses on sports and physical exercise for children ages 4-12. At GrowFit campers get the opportunity to run, jump, and learn new sport skills. They are guaranteed to come home tired and with a great story about their day! What tips do you have for other parents on how you keep your kids moving? Share with us!

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