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Welcoming Our Youngest Campers: Embracing First-Time Jitters

As the summer draws near, excitement buzzes in the air at our camps. But for our youngest campers, those who are taking their first brave steps into the world of summer camp, there can be a mix of emotions. It’s a big step, after all, leaving a parent’s side to join a sea of new faces. If you’re the parent of a little one who’s about to embark on their first camp experience, rest assured: it’s completely normal for them to want to stay close to you.

The first ten minutes can be the hardest. There might be clinging, a few tears, or hesitant glances. This is a natural part of the journey. Our nurturing staff is here to support every child through this transition, ensuring they feel safe and cared for.

But then, something magical happens. In what seems like just a moment, those initial hesitations begin to fade. The allure of play, the laughter of new friends, and the excitement of games capture their attention. Soon enough, they’re off—exploring, playing, and learning with the boundless energy only kids possess.

Parents, we understand the twinge you might feel seeing your child venture off without you for the first time. But take heart in knowing that this is a crucial step in their growth. Our camps provide a secure, welcoming environment where your child can discover independence, develop social skills, and, of course, have heaps of fun.

The transformation is joyous to witness: the same child who was once apprehensive will often be the one who doesn’t want to leave at the end of the day, their arms filled with crafts and their hearts with stories to share.

So, as you prepare for this summer, remember that it’s okay to have mixed emotions about your child’s first day at camp. It’s normal, and it’s a sign of the beautiful bond you share. Trust in their resilience and in our ability to provide a memorable, engaging camp experience.

In just ten minutes, you’ll see your little one adapt and thrive, and you’ll feel reassured that summer camp is more than just a place to play—it’s where childhood memories are made, where friendships bloom, and where every child gets to be the brightest version of themselves.